Grandkids Welcome--Parents By Appointment
There Is No Friends Like a Sister, In Calm or Stormy Weather
I Loved You Too Much To Just be Your Friend, So God Let Me Be Your Sister (or Wife, Or Mother, etc.)
Having Some Place To Go Is Home; Having Someone to Love is Family; Having Both is a Blessing
No Matter What, No Matter Where, It's Always Home If Love is There
Together, We Make a Family
We May Not Have It All Together, But Together, We Have It All
Mothers Are Angels In Disguise
A Mother Holds Her Children's Hands For A While...Their Hearts Forever
There Is No Place Like Home
Mothers Are So Special
Home Is Where Your Story Begins
Families Are Forever
Mother I Love You, Mother I Do
A Family Blossoms With A Mothers Love
Friends...They Never Lose Their Warmth
First My Mother, Forever My Friend
At Home Find Comfort and Rest

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