Friends Are Angels Who Life Us On Our Feet When Our Wings Have Trouble Remembering How to Fly
Love, Laughter, and Friends Always Welcome
Delighted To Have You Here
Feel Warm, Feel Loved, Feel At Home
Everybody Brings Joy To This House: Some When They Enter, Some When They Leave.
A True Friend is the Best Possession
Friendship Sweetens The Cares Of Life
To Have a Friend, First Be One
Kindness Matters
As Time Flies, Let Friendship Stay
When This You See, Remember Me, Though Many Miles We Distant May Be
Come In, Sit Down, Talk Much
Leave Your Troubles At The Door
A Friend Hears The Song In My Heart and Sings It to Me When I Forget The Words
"Go Oft To The House of Thy Friend, For Weeds Choke The Unused Path"- Ralph Waldo Emerson
I Cherish You. Your Sweet And Kind. A Truer Friend I'll Never Find.
Celebrate Family, Friends, Traditions
Good Food, Good Company, Good Friends
The Best Times Are Found When Friends And Family Gather Round
Come Gather At Our Table

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